SSFC Season 1 F.A.Q

Fitness Challenge, Season 1

SSFC Management team:

Hashrine Hashim

+6012 214 6948


Zulizuari Abd Karim

+6016 729 3378


Shai Shamsuri

+6010 982 9077


Question: How many times  and how long the program/training session will be done in a week?
Answer: Program/training session will be carried out for 1 hour each week. But trainer could run extended period based on his/her discretion (upon the observation of trainees capability and health conditions)

Questions: Do participants need to submit the indemnity forms and when?
Answer: Yes, participants should complete the indemnity forms and submit it during their first session of SSFC. This is required to ensure the course module can be benefited to all participants that could need special attention as well as their different body types and capabilities. SSFC training modules are specifically built and runs by certified trainers to ensure optimum result while avoiding unforeseen injuries.

Please reach out to the contact personals mentioned above for further queries.